Dear Visitor,

DEF Belgium went through a few changes in 2016 that have been announced through our last communications. Tom Stichelbaut was appointed as Sales Director and myself as CEO and our new website has been launched. Everything is set to continuously keep you up to date in 2017 and to assist you in your projects.

Since the foundation in 1976, DEF Belgium offers customized solutions in the field of fire detection and firefighting. Our Voice Alarm experts are at your service to give you advice towards the integration of a system that meets your expectations and needs. To accomplish this, we use products that have been developed and produced within the DEF Network. Because of this collaboration, DEF Belgium is able to offer you total monitoring and facility management solutions where all our products are fully integrated.

As you can see, DEF Belgium is your perfect partner of choice to assist you to protect your assets, personnel and infrastructure. Do you want more information about our systems, or our teams and their specialized knowledge? Click on the contact button and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I wish you an interesting visit to our website

Georges Lespinoy