We are involved !

from gray concrete to fresh green

We too, we participate in the ‘Dikketruiendag’ !

Our employees pulled out their greatest sweater and lowered the temperature by one degree in all offices.

The ‘Dikketruiendag’ campaign, aka ‘Big Sweater Day’, is an initiative of the Flemish Government aimed at raising the awareness of schools, municipalities and companies in Flanders about climate change.

In 2017, DEF Belgium acted more ecologically. Many measures have already been taken to reduce our ecological footprint. We remain vigilant about consumption in general and try to change our habits.


Initiated more than seven years ago, DEF’s environmental approach has been formalized since 2011 through our ISO 14001 certification. This standard constitutes for DEF a framework defining rules for integrating environmental concerns into its activities in order to control its impacts on the environment.DEF is, today, in a process of continuous improvement. This voluntarist policy is declined through various axes:

I. The reduction of gas emissions

DEF’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint focusses on reducing energy consumption, reducing travel, optimizing of paper consumption and selective sorting of waste.

II. Waste Management

If DEF is brought to transport products considered as waste, this is done as part of the maintenance activities, where batteries are exchanged, or as part of the dismantling of an installation related to the provision of a new installation.

III. Repackaging detectors and dismantled cards

In order to allow detectors and dismantled electronic cards to have a second life, the DEF Network has defined a repackaging policy. Thus, all detectors and / or electronic cards, whether DEF, non-DEF or ionic are collected to be sent to:

  • SSI for non DEF detectors and electronic cards,
  • SEFALOG for DEF electronic cards,
  • MIPE for ionic detectors and DEF detectors .As a result, the life cycle of DEF products can be totally mastered, from the extraction of raw resources to the end of the product life.

Example: life cycle of an electronic board DEF

Special case of ionic detectors:

A particular attention should be paid to ionic detectors in view of the regulations.
Indeed, the DEF Network defined:

  • Dismantling: this guarantees the end customers that radioactive sources are dismantled.
  • Packaging in the technicians’ vehicles (specific packaging regulated and transport card).
  • A training and written ISO procedure for the manipulators of these ionic detectors.
  • Transportation to MIPE by an authorized carrier, ISOLIFE .
  • A repackaging done in the factory MIPE authorized to treat, clean and calibrate all the detectors.

IV. The awareness of our employees about responsible behavior

DEF raises the awareness of all new hires to the environment and the environmental actions put in place, so that everyone can understand the environmental issues of DEF and thus participate in the reduction of its environmental impact.