EKO Solutions

Technological migration

The management and operation of your fire safety system throughout the whole lifecycle of the installation are major issues. They require optimizing the overall migration costs during the life of the building.

With this in mind, DEF develops new products by ensuring upward compatibility of equipment.

We therefore propose to upgrade your DEF fire detection system progressively, through the EKO SOLUTION concept. It is a migration solution designed to upgrade your old DEF fire safety system with the newest generation of products.

The concept is simple and proven: the new detectors are substituted for the old ones, retaining the existing wiring and sensor bases. Throughout the entire process, the system remains operational.

The system migration is usually being programmed over several successive years, this enables cost efficiency, operational stability and the concerned site(s) stay secured throughout the entire duration of the migration.

The migration of a system can have multiple purposes :
– Sustainability of facilities
– Performance improvement
– Renovation plan
– Product conformity
– Dismantling of ionic detectors

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